More Hats
Published On: December 22, 2010

He wanted another hat.  I can do that.  Cast on Sunday, should be casting off tonight.  Might be able to convince him to let me get some proper pics tomorrow.

I’m very much liking this ‘double up two otherwise unlikely to be used yarns to get one nifty yarn.’  Isn’t that a pretty color?  You have to pay a bit of extra attention to make sure you get both strands when you’re doing purl decreases, but otherwise it’s not really a challenge.

In non-knitting news, the oven has finally committed suicide.  Way back in July it started acting up.  It lasted a week or two, then cleared up.  We…well…we sort of forgot about its little temper tantrum and went back to using it as usual.  On Sunday morning I was about to put a pan of biscuits in (it was The Boy’s birthday, he wanted biscuits) and realized that the oven had declined to turn on.  Not even a warm.  The stove works (the part on top where you use pans…I think that’s called the stove and the part with the door is called the oven), the oven is useless.

Luckily we’re not doing any holiday cooking (and we found a way to do the biscuits in a skillet), but the timing is still lousy.  We’re debating the whole repair/replace issue.  Isn’t being a grownup fun?

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