Other People’s Knitting
Published On: January 10, 2011

Was there someone in your youth and childhood who would occasionally take a shamelessly sanctimonious tone and say ‘virtue is its own reward’ when you complained about having to do something?  Yeah.  It never really worked as motivation for me either.  I much prefer a more tangible reward if I’m going to go out and be uncharacteristically virtuous.  I’m lazy like that though.  You might be a better person.  But just recently I got my tangible reward.

I was cleaning out the (slightly overwhelming) pile of coats/scarves/gloves/winter gear, and I stumbled across these.  They are hand knit gloves I got when we went to Bulgaria in 2008.  I had thought them lost forever in some sort of unfortunate moment of disorganization, but it turns out they were hiding in the inside pocket of one of my coats.  I was a fairly new knitter in 2008, and the idea of making gloves was unbearably daunting (it’s still a bit daunting, but not quite as dizzying as it was then).  I saw these in a handwork store in Plovdiv and loved them.  They cost all of four dollars.  There is a lovely openwork pattern running down each finger and some sort of textured rib on the cuff.  I really must see if I can figure that rib out as it’s both stretchy and beautiful.  Despite being made of teeny skinny yarn and using a very open pattern, they are ridiculously warm.  They are also, alas, a tiny bit too small for my giant man hands.  I have a feeling this find may be the prompt I need to make a pair myself.

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