Good News, Bad News
Published On: January 11, 2011

Good News:  It’s snowing!  We haven’t gotten much snow this winter (apparently it’s all gone to the east coast), and I’ve been feeling cheated.

Bad News:  The snow is making my normal laziness reach absolutely epic portions.  All I want to do is start a pot of soup, snuggle up in blankets, drink hot chocolate, watch movies, and knit the day away.  That would mean that the laundry/schoolwork/real life stuff would pile up even deeper, and that would drive me right over the edge.

Good News: I love the new sock I’m working on.  Its awesomeness is filling me with glee.

Bad News:  I have grand plans for it and can’t show you anything about it.

Good News:  I love the other new sock I’m working on.  They are for The Boy and are full of cables and manly goodness.

Bad News:  I’m not liking the yarn I started them in.  Well, I like the yarn just fine, just not with this pattern.

Good News:  I realized this when only a few inches in, not after hours and hours of knitting.

Bad News:  That still means ripping, which I loathe, and then (and this is the tricky bit) finding a new yarn that I like, he likes, and works well with the pattern.  This is not a small task.

Good News:  I’ve gotten some really yummy yarn samples in the mail over the last few days

Bad News:  They are only serving to fuel the overwhelming urge to shirk all real life responsibilities and play with yarn all day.

Would someone like to be a grownup in my place so I can have a snow day?

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