Published On: February 21, 2011

Ice storms make for lovely knitting weather.  Noisy, but lovely.

The second of the green swirly socks, henceforth to be known as Louche, is now underway.  Even more important, the scribbling, calculating, and doodling required to write the pattern has been completed.  I’ll likely turn it from my chicken scratch into something someone else has a hope of reading and put it out for testers later this week.

As a scheduling note, the pattern for Truckle is done and ready to go out, save only a picture.  Of course getting a picture requires me, plus The Boy, plus daylight, plus either a house suited for photography or a day with obliging weather.  I’m hoping this coming weekend will work, but I’m not sure.  I’m eager to get it done so I can start wearing the things before the winter finishes up completely.

The cowl pattern is also done, save for the photograph.  That, however, will require the services of the lovely Lauren.  My guess would be early March for that pattern.

Meanwhile, I plan to go look at all the pretty ice.

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