Discretion vs Shameless Over Sharing
Published On: April 6, 2011

I’m struggling with a bit of a question. I’m trying to find the right balance with sharing things on this site. Now don’t worry, I’m not considering sharing the details of my digestion or my marriage or my finances. I am old enough (and possessed of a Victorian enough mindset) that I am not tempted to share those sorts of details with you. The things I’m talking about are all reassuringly knitting-related.  They have to do with Book the Second.

It’s more or less taken over every free minute of my life (and more than a few minutes that really ought to have been devoted to other things) for the last few weeks.  It likely will for many weeks (possibly months) to come.  Things are well underway.  Yarn has been arranged, swatches knit, patterns written, unusual props purchased, field trips planned, friends shamelessly enlisted to further the cause, and a variety of other unexpected activities undertaken.  So the question is, do you guys care?  Do you want to hear about the behind the scenes stuff, or is it like sausage…you like the end result but don’t want to know how it comes to be?

I’m fine either way.  I can (likely) more or less keep my trap shut, at least until things are a bit further along.  Or, I can (quite obviously) blab shamelessly.  What do you guys think?  Do you want to know, or is all that dreadfully boring?

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