Published On: April 7, 2011

Well it would appear I have license to blab away.  You guys are awesome for letting me know what you prefer.  And I’m somehow unreasonably pleased you want to hear about it.  Keeping quiet goes against my natural tendencies (or else why exactly would I have a website in the first place).  It also means I’ll be able to keep posting with some regularity, despite being focused on book knitting rather than personal knitting.

Of course I haven’t abandoned personal knitting all together.  I did take a little break after the weekend of epic frustration.

To keep from going into complete fiber withdrawal, I made curtains for the living room and dining room during the hiatus.  We’ve lived here for just over five years.  I’ve been meaning to replace the tatty plastic blinds for just over five years.  It took all of five hours to actually do it (most of that, as with any sewing project, spent wrestling with the iron rather than actually sewing).  I have no idea what took me so long.  Well, I kind of do.  I could never find fabric I both liked and could afford.  I solved that problem by chopping up the gigantic canvas tarp (living in my trunk since November) and using it.  It worked surprisingly well.  I figured if I screwed it all up, well, at least the tarp would be out of my trunk.

And then, I went back to the slowest socks ever.  See?  Still pretty, still slow, still not done.  That’s more or less going to be their state for the foreseeable future.  But when they’re done, they’re going to be awfully nifty.  Also, I have decided they are totally going to be called Lithic (of or related to stone) both because it is the coolest word ever, and because that gray is just so marvelously rocky.

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