Book Yarn, Part III
Published On: June 20, 2011

Alrighty, the plan had been to put up an entirely different post today.  But that can’t happen until something else happens, so I must continue to wait.  I promise it doesn’t come easily.  But I’ve been managing to get up a post every day, and I don’t want to break my streak (momentum baby, it’s all about momentum).  So I’m sneaking in with more book yarn.

And look two whole yarns and neither one is purple.  Who knew?  I will confess I do have a soft spot for purple.  Blue…well blue I can take or leave.  But purple I like. But, here is actual proof positive that I can bypass it if I need to.

On the left there is Barking Dog Yarns Etheria in the color Rock Moss.  This is a 60/40 mohair silk blend in a heavy laceweight.  I just got the project using this yarn back and I am fall down and die in love with it.  I’ve never seen anything quite so fluffy and soft and lofty.  I think it might actually be what I need to make myself use mohair.

On the right is Barking Dog Yarn Rune in the color Paprika.  It’s an 80/10/10 merino cashmere nylon blend, which always makes a delicious sock.

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