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Published On: August 31, 2011

At some point in my youth and childhood, I went on a trip to Ireland.  While I was there, I got a blanket (from this company).  It seemed ruinously expensive at the time (I was a teenager, that was a lot of hours of babysitting), but I loved it and wanted it beyond all reason.  It lived in my room for many years.  For the last decade or so, it has lived in the bottom of my blanket chest.

Its fall from grace is not its fault.  It’s a lovely, sturdy, wooly blanket.  It does all of the things a blanket should do.  But I no longer like the colors.  At all.  There is nothing purple or blue in my house.  I just don’t find myself drawn to any of those colors when picking things for my home.

So, rather than throw it away or keep it tucked away in the shadowy depths of the blanket chest, I have decided to rescue it.  I’ve bought some packages of dye and I’m about to go abuse my washing machine.

Now like any rescue plan, this one has some risks.  There is every chance that the result will be a big giant mess.  But I’m willing to chance it.  As I see it, there are three possibilities:

1) The blanket is ruined in some way.  Either it felts horribly or it turns a wretched color or some other mishap befalls it.  But, I currently have a blanket I will never use.  If the plan goes horribly awry, I will still have a blanket I will never use.  The risk is small.

2) The washer is ruined in some way.  This is the bigger risk…a broken washing machine is not in the budget for this month.  But, the package of dye says you can do it in the washing machine, and I’ve used it in this fashion before, so I’m hoping this risk is small too.

3) The blanket takes on lovely earthy browns instead of garish 90s purples, and I am once again madly in love with it.

Anyone want to place a wager as to how this will turn out?

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