It’s a Process
Published On: September 1, 2011

Having decided to dye the blanket, I thought I should do a bit of research.  Armed with a bit of reading, I first washed the blanket (it hadn’t been washed for years…because it had been in the blanket chest, not because I’m filthy).  Then I dug out my old jug of synthrapol from a previous tie dyeing phase and ran it through with a shot of that out of some vague notion that it would be helpful. Then, while the blanket was still wringing wet, I trundled off to mix up the dye.

I used all three packets, and I followed the directions to the letter.  Yes, even the part about the cup of salt (farewell fancy Penzeys salt, it was nice to have known you).  I ran enough water in the washer to allow the blanket to move freely, tipped in the dye, and swirled it all around.  Then, in an unexpected move, I left it alone for a full hour.  I’m bad at waiting.  This was a challenge.

Once the allotted time had passed, I came back and drained the washer and ran it again with just water.  I did that a few more times until the water ran clear.

I picked up my blanket and…and…it was exactly the same.  Exactly.  No difference in color what so ever.  It’s a bit softer and a bit fluffier now, which actually makes it even nicer, but the color is identical.

The next plan, fiber reactive dyes.  That involves finding a vessel in which I can simmer my blanket on the stovetop.  Should be entertaining.  But it will have to wait until the post office brings me a package.  Though now that I think of it, you can also simmer the RIT dyes, and I can get more of those locally.  Maybe if I’m going to be simmering one way or the other, I should just use those since they’re on hand.  Does anyone have some super secret dyeing knowledge that would be of use in this decision?  Plan A failed, so I’m totally up for taking suggestions.

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