All Other Things Being Equal
Published On: September 4, 2011

The town I live in has a rather…um…zealous housing authority.  They inspect all houses every few years and send out letters informing the residents how they get to spend their summer vacations.  This year, they decided that Chez Violence was due for a new paint job. Now honestly, we needed it.  And we’re lazy, so the letter from the housing office was likely a good kick in the pants.  But it meant we were in for a rather expensive and intrusive project.  We’ve had folks climbing all over the house for days (and many more days of it to come), and we’ve written a lot of fairly horrifying checks.

But, it also meant that we got to pick a color.  Our current house is white with dark green trim.  Changing the color of the trim is hard and expensive (taking down all the storm windows and painting all the window parts is apparently every bit as much of a pain as it sounds).  So we’re keeping the green.  But we weren’t crazy about the white.  It never quite looks clean.  But we also didn’t want to stray too far into bright colors, as that makes the painting more complicated.  We decided on very light gray.  I realize this isn’t a huge departure from white…we’re scaredy-cats.

At the paint store, I realized just exactly how many nearly-identical versions of light gray there were.  So, with nothing else to go on, I more or less had to pick the one called Knitting Needles.  It seemed only fitting. Of course the only question is, which needles?

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