Wrap Up
Published On: October 12, 2011

1) Holy hell that was fun — watching professionals work is really inspiring.  Also a tiny bit envy-making.  But mostly inspiring.  I feel so good about having hired a real live grown up to come take the pictures for this.

2) Man oh man was that tiring — try to schedule your colds and your photo shoots for different days. Because I know you carefully schedule your colds.  To do otherwise would be foolish, as I’ve just demonstrated.

3) I will likely die of impatience waiting for the final version of the images — no really, they are that good.  Then?  Then comes lots of time where I have them and everyone else doesn’t and I alternate between the ‘I have a secret’ dance and the ‘can I show you yet, can I show you yet, can I show you yet’ chant.

4) Now I’m off to take a nap, because that cold thing up top is totally kicking my butt.

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