Published On: November 23, 2011

Fellow knitters, because I love you and want you to be happy, I’m going to share my discovery with you.  For the last two years I’ve been bemoaning the lack of graph paper post-its.  I’ve drawn vertical lines on the sort of post-its that come with horizontal lines.  I’ve put tape on regular graph paper.  I’ve even looked into getting custom post-its printed.  But none of it was quite right.

Then today, as I was doing the pre-holiday-crazies run through Target, I saw them.  They were sitting right there on the rack, like they were just normal post-its and not some sort of glorious innovation meant to brighten the day of knitters everywhere.  Graph paper post-its.  I danced a little jig right there.  Then I put them all in my cart before anyone else could see them and make me share (unlikely I know but always possible).

But because I am a good person (and because I have secured my own stash…and because I want these to sell well enough that they continue to be made), I present you with your very own source for the elusive graph paper post-it.  You know you need them.

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