Thanksgiving Sale
Published On: November 24, 2011

All of my Thanksgiving plans are set.  I’ve secured a new game (Mansions of Madness, let’s hear it for games with 20+ page rulebooks), we’ve found a way to consume the requisite Thanksgiving pizza, and we’re finishing up the evening with dessert with friends.  Should be a lovely day.

Tomorrow, I will be staying inside and refusing to shop.  We’ll call it an act of consumer disobedience.  The mall and I don’t get along under the best of circumstances, and it’s totally banned during November and December.

But on the off chance you’re the sort who likes to shop, I’m here to help (I’m thoughtful like that).  I’ll join the crowd and have a Thanksgiving sale.  From now through the end of the day on Monday, you can get 10% off 1 pattern, 20% off 2 patterns, or 30% off 3 or more patterns.  It’s good for all the individual patterns and all the 2 or 3 pattern sets. Here’s how it works:

1) Go to my Ravelry pattern page, find the patterns you like, and add them to your cart (this only works if you add them to your ravelry cart).

2) Once you’ve got your cart loaded up and you’re ready to check out, click on the button that says ‘use a coupon code’ (it’s just to the left of the ‘checkout now’ button).

3) Enter your code.  If you’re getting 1 item, use ‘Turkey 10’ to get 10% off.  If you’re getting 2 items, use ‘Turkey 20’ to get 20% off.  If you’re getting 3 items, use ‘Turkey 30’ to get 30% off.

4) Hit ‘apply.’  Your discount will be shown immediately.  Double check that you see it, hit ‘checkout now,’ and finish up.

I hope it’s a lovely day for you all, and that you can find some time to tuck up at home in your pajamas and enjoy some nice quiet knitting!

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