Published On: December 2, 2011

We’re sneaking off to Pittsburgh for an evening over the weekend.  There’s a concert (shocking I know, so unlike us).  Along the way we’ll visit a yarn store (or two), a book store (or three), and just perhaps the odd brewery.  There’s a plan, and there will be a report when we return.  The only thing we don’t have lined up is restaurants…any suggestions?

And because this is the sort of blog post that is certain to elicit the suggestion that I start using twitter…all I can say is I’m working on it.  I’ve never been what you’d call an early adopter of these things.  I am, shall we say, resistant to change. There’s some grand plan that involves updating this website and adding twitter stuff into it.  The plan got put on hold while the KCC website got beaten into submission.  But it is the next plan scheduled to come to fruition.

But in the mean time, we’ve got several meals to eat in the greater Pittsburgh area…so tell us where to go!

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