Published On: December 2, 2011

Guys…I’m speechless.  You’ve known me for a while now, and you know I don’t normally suffer from a lack of words.  But all I can say right now is wow.  Then I sort of shake my head and blink a lot. Then I say wow again.

The response to Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet has been amazing.

Putting together a project like this has a certain amount of risk to it.  I put in lots (and lots and lots) of time and energy, but I also write lots of checks (the photographer, the book designer, the printer, and a whole list of others).  It’s all something of a leap of faith.  I spent a lot of time wondering what would happen when I pulled back the curtain and said ‘ta-da’ and worrying that no one would notice.  The last 48 hours have shown me that I shouldn’t have worried.

Thank you all.  You’ve said such nice things and given me so  much support.  I’ve been grinning for two days.  I’m overwhelmed. You guys totally rock.

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