Warm and Spiky
Published On: December 6, 2011

Two bits of good news!

First, the nice man from the gas company’s repair service showed up bright and early Monday morning.  He looked at our furnace (an admittedly elderly piece of machinery), took a panel off, wiggled a few wires, pushed a button, and boom…heat.  I felt rather like an ass for not knowing to do this myself.  But I was a warm ass, so I didn’t care for long.  And I had remembered that we had the furnace repair program and called them instead of calling the regular repair company (who charge $80 to ring the doorbell and $20 for each 15 minutes thereafter).  Given that I was more or less expecting to have to get a new furnace, a free five minute visit was a very happy ending.

Second, progress is continuing on the latest sock.  They’re freaky hard to photograph.  They’re full of holes, which means they look like a wadded up piece of tissue paper until they’re stretched out.  I’ve put Percival’s base to use as a stretcher for the moment, but they’ll look even better when they’re blocked.  Add into that the perpetual rain, and I don’t feel I’ve done them justice here.  But we’ll pretend it’s enough to give you a sense of the thing and try again later.

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