Potato Chips
Published On: December 8, 2011

To make sense of my morning, you need to know two things. First, I do not relish the thought of going to the dentist.  I have a lovely dentist…skilled, accommodating, and handy with the prescription pad.  But still, it is not my favorite place to go.  Second, my friends have awesome children.  I’m not normally a big fan of kids.  Children as a class are known to be sticky, noisy, and a bit pungent.  But not the children of my friends.  They are all paragons of virtue, charming conversationalists, and very rarely sticky.

Now you might not think that these two things would combine to provide a morning’s worth of entertainment.  Yet somehow, they did.  For you see, I had a dentist appointment at 2 this afternoon.  I also had to take Douglas to the vet at 8 this morning for his gentlemanly snip.  I got back from the vet a bit after 9.  I had to leave for the dentist a bit after 1.  That left me with a few hours to kill in between.  With the dentist visit looming and the short timeline, I couldn’t settle to much in the way of productive work.

That’s when I got a message from a friend.  Her daughters had learned that I write books…and then thought that this might mean I was famous.  I was so tickled with this idea that I instantly decided that said daughters needed to have knitting sent their way.  Now, given the realities of kiddos (they grow alarmingly quickly, they have been known to be fickle), and the realities of my schedule (let’s just say there were plenty of productive things I should have been doing during this time), and the time of year (have you heard, it’s December, alarming I know), I figured knitted Christmas ornaments might be the way to go.  The advantages of ornaments are numerous.  They don’t have to fit a real human body, they’re surprisingly hard to lose on the school bus, and they don’t have to appeal to developing a developing sense of fashion in the same way an actual garment would (not to mention they knit up in mere moments using nothing more than a few grams of yarn).  And knitters, I warn you, they are addictive.  It’s easier to eat just one potato chip than to make just one of these things.  I’ve got a wee stack now (it passed the time before the dentist appointment quite well), and I will have more soon.  Pics tomorrow once I have a few more and once we get some obligingly decorative snow for a backdrop!

Oh, and for those who will ask, the dentist went fine (I am a diligent flosser) and Douglas is fine too, if a tiny bit sore.

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