I May Have a Problem
Published On: December 9, 2011

So the ornaments?  The ornaments that seem to be the knitting equivalent of crack?  They are teeny tiny hats.  Hats that eggs would wear if eggs were inclined to wear hats.  And they are so flipping cute I may just die.  Do you want to die of an overdose of cute too?  I thought so.

Ridiculously cute.  Ridiculously easy to knit.  More or less the speediest thing ever.  Next up…likely mittens.  These have to go in the mail Monday, so I can’t make millions of them, but I think a mitten or two would round things out nicely.  You want them one at a time so you can revel in the cute just a wee bit more?  Please tell me I’m not the only one smitten.  If I were less of a grinch, I’d be tempted to knit a whole tree’s worth and revel in the woolly goodness with shameless abandon.

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