More Lies
Published On: April 24, 2012

So that Thursday thing turned out to be a lie.  It’s the weather’s fault, not the lawn company’s.  It’s April, it’s Cleveland, the weather is fickle under the best of circumstances.  But, yesterday’s predicted rain didn’t show up, the forecast for today was good, and Thursday got declared likely to be rainy.  So the guys are here today.  Much as predicted, it is a bit noisy.  It’s also unreasonably engrossing to watch.  It’s kind of amazing what two guys with bulldozers can do.  They’re much faster than I’d be out there with a shovel.  There’s hope for this place yet.

Edited to add:  See, big shiny machines!  (I took the picture while leaning out my office window, so please pardon the less than stellar photowork.)

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