How to Fix a Yard…in 8 Hours
Published On: April 25, 2012

I’m now officially a fan of the ‘hire a professional’ approach to lawn care.  I am not brave enough to show you any ‘before’ shots.  It’s too embarrassing.  Just imagine the worst yard on your block.  It was worse than that.  Far, far worse.  Instead of bringing shame on my household, I’ll show you some ‘during’ shots.

It all started with a backhoe.  It carried on with the backhoe for quite some time.  It was oddly fascinating to watch.  Alas, they would not let me drive it.

After all the old stuff was gone, there as a long period of dirt raking.  Then there was some new dirt added in and another long period of raking.  This was done with a degree of precision and concentration I found baffling, but impressive.  Next came a shiny new sidewalk between our driveway and our front steps.  The old sidewalk was cracked and broken (and thus so jagged as to be downright treacherous).  The new one isn’t poured concrete, but instead some sort of field stone.  Much prettier, and much less prone to twist an ankle.  I foresee a future sock photo here somewhere down the line.  Once that was in, plants began to appear.

Then more plants.  Then more plants.  Then a few more just for good measure. Then mulch.

Then, and most amusing by far, the grass gun fired up.  15 very noisy, smelly minutes later, the soon-to-be-grassy part of the yard was covered in a thick coating of mint-green grass paste.

We’re tasked with dutifully watering it (and all the other plants) for the next month or so.  If we can manage to pull that off, the front yard should cease to be a mortifying weed patch and should, instead, be something much more presentable.  All this in a day.  We didn’t manage even half this in the seven years we’ve lived here.  Professionals are definitely the way to go.  Now, for the next month or so, all of you are encouraged to remind me to water the lawn.  Let’s see if we can at least manage to not kill what we’ve just bought.

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