Continue the Tradition
Published On: April 27, 2012

The yard work wasn’t nearly as disturbing as the painting (nor did it go on for weeks and weeks).  But I’d set a precedent with the cuffs and the painters last time, so I wanted to continue it.

I started this little cuff on Monday (since that’s when I thought the yard folks were coming) and worked on it on and off while they were here on Tuesday.  I finished it up Wednesday.  Yesterday was blocking and button hunting (I’m not sure this is the right button, but it works for now).  Today, I show it off.

It’s cute and quick, almost more of a fashion statement than something to keep you warm.

The yarn is by Plucky Knitter, some of the stuff I brought home from Sock Summit.  The whole cuff took all of 35 yards and about 3 hours of knitting.  I should have the next one banged out soon.  They’re a bit addictive.

Think I could make 2 or 3 in different colors and different widths and wear them all together?  Could they be the grown up version of jelly bracelets (please tell me I’m not the only one here old enough to have worn jelly bracelets as a kid…I had zillions of the things), or would that be a terrible idea?

If they’ve caught your fancy and you want to make your own, the pattern is up for testing over on ravelry.  The green ones from the other day are up too.  Swing by and volunteer.

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