And Yet More Progress
Published On: June 8, 2012

This is oddly thrilling, it looks all official somehow.

Though to be fair, it’s become ever so slightly less thrilling as they’ve sat in my living room for four days.  I’m one of those nuts who really wants a tidy house.  I like everything put away.  I clean off my desk at the end of every day so there’s nothing but the computer, its gizmos, and a lamp.  So the pile of boxes is driving me a wee bit batty.

But, that little bit of batty is providing excellent motivation.  Yesterday I took all of these to the post office.

Yes, all of them.  All 8 bins of envelopes on the table, plus the ones still in a stack and in the box, and the ones peeking up in the background.  The vast majority of them are mailed at this point.  I’ve got one more trip today, then likely one more on Monday to finish up a few of the international orders, and it will be done.

Somebody come let me know when the books start arriving, ok?  It’s a tiny bit nerve wracking to hand them over to the post office, and I know I’ll feel better once I know they’re in safe.

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