Lest You Think I’d Stopped
Published On: June 9, 2012

So just because my dining room has been turned into shipping central (with an annex in my living room and another in my car) doesn’t mean I’ve stopped knitting.  Though to be fair, the knitting has been slowed down a tiny bit.  If you lug hundreds of pounds of boxes around all day, turns out your arms are tired by the end of the day.  But, there is a wee bit of knitting to show, see?

This is the reincarnation of the little mistake I showed you the other day.  I’m loving it, it’s much better at this size.  And, better yet, it’s fast.  It’s only 56 stitches around (instead of the usual 64) because it’s so open, which mean each round takes just a bit less time.  I’m thinking I’ll be through the heel this weekend (this picture is from yesterday) and should be able to give you a better look next week.

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