Crocus vernus Knit Along
Published On: July 2, 2012

Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet is now well and truly launched.  The paper version is out there.  You can order it from me, ask for it at your local yarn store, or order it from amazon (amazon occasionally says out of stock, but I’ve sent them hundreds of books and they damn well do have it…people have ordered it there and received it, so don’t fall for their crazy status updates).  And of course the electronic version is there for those of you who want instant gratification.

All of that means that it’s time to start a knit along!  I had such fun doing this with Silk Road Socks that I’ve really been looking forward to doing it again.  We’ll be starting with the Crocus vernus patterns. That’s the Crocus vernus Socks over there on the left, and the Crocus vernus Mitts down there on the right. The plan is to have each pair of patterns be the focus for a two month period (meaning cast on now, and finish up by the first day or two of August).  All the details are over on the thread on ravelry.  If either of these seem like they might like to find themselves on your needles, I’d love it if you’d come share your progress!  It’s a very friendly group, and we’ll have a good time (and, you know, prizes at the end)!

To make sure that you’ve got as many options as possible, I’ve made the individual patterns for these two patterns available.  Now to be honest, the math is against you on the individual patterns.  One pattern is $6, and the whole book of 20 patterns is $18.95.  That means if there are more than 3 patterns you think you’ll like, you get a better deal if you buy the whole book.  But people have been asking about buying them individually, so I figure I’ll make them available as we go through the knit along.

Oh, and one tiny reminder, the comments on the giveaway post for Chrissy’s new Indie Socks book will close tomorrow.  If you’d like to win, you’ve still got time to enter!


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