You’ve Got to Have Rules
Published On: June 29, 2012

One of the best parts about TNNA is getting to put faces to the people you’ve been communicating with (sometimes for years) only through email.  This time, I had the pleasure of finally meeting Chrissy Gardiner in person.  She’s a member of the Visionary Authors group and was at the booth to show off her brand new book, Indie Socks.  And when I say brand new, I mean it.  She had just gotten the box of author advance copies days before the show.

Chrissy was kind enough to offer me a copy of the book.  This was absolutely delightful, but you see I have rules.  One of the rules I have is ‘don’t read other people’s patterns.’  Now I’m not quite restrained enough to not look at other people’s patterns.  That would be too much to ask.  But I try very hard to limit it to looking at the pretty pictures, and not actually reading the patterns themselves.  I think it helps keep other people’s ideas from accidentally sneaking in and taking up residence in the back of my brain.  So I asked Chrissy if I could take the book and give it to one of you guys.  She was gracious enough to agree.

So one of you guys is in for a treat!  The book offers 24 beautiful sock patterns, each made with a yarn from an independent dyer.  Along with the patterns are helpful tips and strategies for dealing with the challenges that sometimes come along with the more exuberant yarns.  That makes this a marvelous tool to help you actually use some of those yarns you bought, but can’t quite figure out what to do with.  Something in here is bound to work on even the most recalcitrant of yarns!  It will also help you make more informed buying decisions when you’re dazzled by a wall full of beautiful hand-dyed yarn.

Some of my particular favorites are Calpurnia, Orange Blossom, and Pachinko.











So, what do you think, do you maybe have a skein or two of hand-dyed yarn in your stash?  Would you maybe like a little help finding the right pattern for it?  I think I (or, rather, Chrissy) can help!  Just go over to the book’s ravelry page and and pick your favorite pattern.  Then come back here and leave a comment on this post saying which one you like best.  I’ll leave the comments open through the end of the day (eastern time) on Tuesday.  Then next week, I’ll pick a winner and get in touch to arrange to mail you your prize (that means you must use a working email address, or I won’t be able to find you when you win).

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