Duly Noted
Published On: July 20, 2012

Ok, you guys like the books.  I’ll aim for doing at least one a month.  I may even spend a weekend sometime making and photographing a bunch and queuing them up for the next little while.  It’s got to be faster than knitting for blog content, right (and yes, for those of you keeping track at home, it has now been a whole week since I knit a stitch…I’m going batty)?

But fear not, the knitting delay is for a very very good cause.  The Boy and I are making some behind-the-scenes improvement.  We (by which I mean mostly he, with me doing a bit of cheer leading on the sides) are working on a system that will get you the electronic versions of the books automatically when you buy the paper one from me.  No more emailing, no more irritating and unreliable forms.  Just buy it, then check your email a few minutes later and boom, there are instructions on how to get your e version.  It should make everyone’s lives easier.  With any luck at all, it will all be up and running on Tuesday when Rabble Rousers goes live.  I’ll explain all the details next week, but it should be super simple on your side!

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