Published On: July 23, 2012

Alrighty.  As promised, details today, shiny new mini book tomorrow.  But, because there are a couple of different ways to get the new project, I thought I’d come today and spell everything out now, just so we’re all on the same page.

Some time late tonight or very early tomorrow morning, Rabble Rousers will go up for preorders.  That means the book’s website will be up and the book will be up on ravelry and you’ll be able to order it.  As usual, there’s a special offer during the preorder period as a way of saying thank you to those of you enthusiastic enough to order early.

There are two ways to get the book:

  • Physical + Electronic:  This is a paper book (sent to your mailbox) and an electronic book (sent to your inbox and your rav library).  During the preorder, the price is $11.95 (plus shipping).  Also during the preorder, you’ll get a code emailed to you that lets you download any one of my individual patterns for free from ravelry (that’s anything except complete books).  Once the preorder period is over, the price will go up to $12.95 and you’ll no longer get a free extra pattern.
  • Electronic Only: This is an electronic book (sent to your inbox and your rav library).  During the preorder, the price is $9.95.  Once the preorder is over, the price will go up to $10.95.

The preorder period ends Tuesday July 31.  On that date, the prices will go to their normal point, and the electronic version of the book will go live.  The paper one ships shortly after that (on or before August 14).

And one more note, because The Boy is awesome, we now have an automated system to take care of getting you access to your electronic versions.  Once you’ve purchased the physical version (of Rabble Rousers or The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet or any future physical books), you’ll get an email about 5 minutes later telling you how to get your electronic version.  No more forms or emails or fiddly bits.  It all just sort of works.  Should make everyone’s life easier.

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