Rabble Rousers Yarn Giveaway
Published On: July 25, 2012

Because I love you all, and because yarn people are the very nicest people imaginable, I’ve got some goodies to give away over the next few weeks to mark the launch of Rabble Rousers.  (I seriously love my job, not only do I get to play with all this pretty yarn, I get to give it away and make others happy too!)

I’m starting with Wistful by Briar Rose.  This is the yarn I used to make Clamor, and holy wow is it yummy stuff.  It’s an alpaca, merino, silk blend.  The alpaca gives it just a hint of a halo (nothing overly dramatic, just a little bit) and the silk gives it a lovely depth and shimmer.  Then of course you’ve got Chris’s magnificent color sense, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be smitten.  You can always pick out the Briar Rose booth at any fiber event, the colors just glow, they’ll call to you from all the way across the room.

And I’ve got some to give away!  Best of all, Wistful comes in lovely giant skeins.  There’s something like 500 yards in there.  More than enough to make at least two of these hats.  So to spread the love to as many of you as possible, I’m going to split this skein up between two winners.

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment telling me about your experience with Briar Rose.  Tell me what you’ve knit with it, or where you’ve seen it, or even tell me you’ve only just now discovered it!  Leave a comment on this post some time between now and Friday night (be sure you use a real email address so I can find you if you win, no one but me will see them, and I won’t do anything with them except use them to contact the winners).  I’ll announce the winners next week.

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