Goodies All Around
Published On: July 26, 2012

I now have further proof that yarn people are unbearably awesome.  The marvelous Chris Roosien swung by yesterday and saw you guys talking about her lovely Briar Rose yarn.  She noticed that some of you hadn’t (yet) fallen prey to the wonders of her offerings.  So now, in addition to having sent me a skein of Wistful to give away, she’s also going to give everyone a discount.  That should help tempt a few of you newbies to give it a try (and perhaps convince a few of you who already know all about it to get yourselves a little indulgence).

From now through August 20, 2012, you can get 10% off your Briar Rose order if you use the code “Hunter” at checkout (she picked the code, this isn’t me having an ego trip or anything)!

And continuing with the goodies theme, I just got myself a bit of a toy.  It’s a tiny bit indulgent, but I got myself a new small camera.  I have a very nice big camera.  It’s marvelous for doing the photoshoots for patterns.  I love it to pieces.  It is, however, not small.  Nor is it light.  Nor does it fit in your pocket.  It just barely fits in a purse, and it’s really not the sort of camera that wants to be tossed into a purse anyways.  It would much prefer to be nestled into its fancy case with its extra lenses and other accessories.

I wanted something to be a more casual camera…a camera I can toss in my purse and snap pictures for the blog when we go to a concert or a fiber show or a yarn store.  So…um…I bought one.  It’s all charged up and ready, and I find myself paralyzed with indecision.  What should the first picture I take with it be?  It feels somehow like the first one will set the tone for what I do with the thing…I want to start with something awesome.  Somebody tell me what to shoot first.

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