More or Less a Sock
Published On: August 6, 2012

The weekend saw some serious sock progress.  The lonely sock now has about 2/3 of a mate (just down past the gusset).  I feel there should be some sort of tasteless joke in there, but I’ll leave filling it in as an exercise for the reader.

For today, I’ll take the opportunity to let Lauren of  Ruthie Pearl and Sue of Adlerwood Quilts know they’ve won the Plucky Knitter yarn (I’ve emailed both to ask for a mailing address).

Now, if I could, I’d send yarn to all of you.  I can’t, but I can give you patterns.  So, from now until Sunday evening my time you can have Whippersnapper for free when you buy any other pattern (I made Whippersnapper with Plucky Knitter’s yarn and loved every minute of it).  To get the pattern for free, just go to my list of patterns, put Whippersnapper in your cart, put something else in your cart, and use the code “Plucky” at checkout.  You’ll see the discount reflected right away.

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