Rabble Rousers Giveaway, Take Three
Published On: August 7, 2012

Do you guys mind if I do this giving yarn away thing again?  I’m hoping not, because I’m having fun!  I’ve got a skein of Handmaiden Silk Twist to give away.  This is the yarn I used for the Tumult cowl in Rabble Rousers.

I’ve loved Handmaiden (and their sister company, Fleece Artist) for just about as long as I’ve been knitting.  They were one of my very first ‘grown up’ yarn purchases (the stuff that comes from a yarn store instead of from a generic craft store), and theirs are still the yarns I’m most likely to bring home from a trip.

They have a huge range of bases (Silk Twist is 2 plies of wool and 1 of silk all swirled together to give a marvelous shimmery effect) and some of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen.  Their Casbah is one of my go-to sock yarns.  The list of projects I’ve done with their yarn is long (and the size of my Handmaiden stash impressive).

Now I made my Tumult with somewhere right around 120 yards of yarn, and Silk Twist comes in lovely big 430 yard skeins, so I’m going to share the skein between two of you (again, it’s a nice giant skein, and half of it is more than enough to make a nice big version of this cowl, never fear).

If you think you might have room for some Silk Twist in your stash, go take a look at Handmaiden’s list of bases and leave a comment saying which one looks most interesting to you.  I’m secretly hoping I can get around to working with all of them at some point!  I’ll leave comments open through Friday night and pick a winner early next week!

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