The Best Laid Plans
Published On: August 8, 2012

Going from ‘hmm, well that’s an idea’ to ‘hey, look, a book’ is a lengthy process (a fair number of books actually get stuck somewhere in the middle and never make it out of brains and onto paper).  There are a lot of interdependent steps and a lot of bits that are infuriatingly out of your own control.  That’s why I try really hard to build a fair amount of wiggle room into any date I give out publicly.  You’ll note I normally say ‘next year’ or ‘spring’ or just ‘later.’ It’s easier that way.  It doesn’t disappoint anyone and I don’t have to come do that embarrassing shuffle where I try and explain what happened.

So you remember how I said I’d be shipping the physical copies of Rabble Rousers on August 14?  Well the truth has changed.  They came early.  I’m shipping them today.  I hope no one minds too much (and if you do, it’s totally fine to just leave it sitting, lonely and unopened in your mailbox, until you feel a sufficient time has passed)!

The wee kitten overlords, all 3 of them, have supervised the packing to make sure it’s up to their exacting standards.  They’re helpful that way.

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