Wee Hat the First
Published On: September 2, 2012

The first of the wee hats is done.  I’m now madly in love with this whole concept.  But really, what’s not to love.

First, hats.  Hats are more or less instant gratification.

Second, worsted.  Worsted weight yarn actually knits itself.  You just have to nudge it gently and the finished thing falls off your needles.

Third, Malabrigo.  This one requires no explanation, just look at the color.  Colors.  I’m helpless in the face of such temptation.

Fourth, stripes.  Stripes are the (or at least this) lazy person’s answer to colorwork.  I swear you never ever ever touch more than one yarn in the same row.  You’re only ever knitting a plain old boring stripe.

Fifth, and perhaps most enchanting, the top.  Look down there at the top of this hat.  Tell me you are not smitten.  It’s totally immodest of me to say this.  I should either pretend that I totally knew exactly what it was going to do from the beginning, or I should pretend not to this amused, but no.  I’ll go ahead and admit I think it’s awfully nifty.

And yes, Wee Hat the Second is on the needles already!

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