Published On: September 25, 2012

You recall our little trip the other weekend?  You recall I mentioned I was knitting as we drove around?  But for some mysterious reason I didn’t show you the knitting (unusual behavior for a knitting blogger).  That’s because it was stealth birthday knitting.  But the birthday has come and gone, and the knitting has made its way to the intended person, so I can come back and retroactively show it off.

These are the mitts I made with the Alisha Goes Around yarn I mentioned the other week.  First, proof that I really did take them on the trip.  We grabbed this shot when we walked down to the water in Watkins Glen while waiting for our table at lunch.  I don’t think the town has a high enough density of knitters, as we got more than one funny look in the process.  I mean really, if there were the proper number of knitters, people would be used to that sort of thing.  Any looks would be attempts to catch a glimpse of the ball band, not darting glances to see if the crazy person was dangerous.

I finished the second one on the drive home on Sunday.  Monday afternoon I blocked them.  Tuesday we grabbed some pictures.  First, I did pictures of them on hand forms (not being able to take terribly good shots of both of  my own hands).

That evening I sweet talked The Boy into taking some of them on my hands (in the 15 minutes between when he got home and the sun went down…I may have ambushed him in the driveway with the camera in clutched in my mitt-clad hands).  I’ll show those off next week when I put the pattern out.  The pattern is off with testers now.  All it needs in the meantime is a name, and it will be ready to go.

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