Published On: September 26, 2012

One morning next month I will wake up, collect a large box of knitting and props, and head off to do the photo shoot for KCC2.  This is both exciting (because holy wow is seeing all the pictures fun) and terrifying (because it’s the point in the process where the greatest number of things have to go right at the same time in order for the day to go well).  I deal with this tension in a variety of ways, some rational (lists, lists, and more lists) and some irrational (like asking everyone I know to keep their fingers crossed for good weather that day).

One of the rational reasonable things I do as I get ready is block everything.  Again.  Just to be sure.  I generally give stuff a light blocking when it comes in from the (noble and esteemed) sample knitters.  That lets me confirm that there aren’t any problems or surprises.  But there’s a period between when the samples arrive and when the photo shoot happens.  During that time, the knitting can lose some of its crispness.  So I spend the week or two before the shoot reblocking everything.  I’ve started that now, or at least I’ve tried to start it.  It’s been raining for days, nothing is drying, and my office smells like a damp sheep.

I’m starting to think this means I should just wait a day or two, but I have awesome new blocking mats and I’m eager to play with them.  Oh, and if any of you are looking for blocking mats, do yourself a favor and check out the ones they sell as generic ‘interlocking foam mats’ rather than the ones sold specifically as blocking mats.  These are the ones I got, and they’re less than half the price per square foot (and yes, that calculation includes shipping) as the ones from somewhere like Knit Picks.  The ones I got are also 2 feet per side, which means I can often block things on just one tile, which makes it easier to set it aside somewhere to dry without feeling like it will fall apart in transport.  Plus there’s the not-inconsiderable amusement of co-opting non-knitting supplies for knitterly purposes.  Now if it would just stop raining, I could get this stuff done.

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