Published On: September 29, 2012

I’m undertaking a bit of sock surgery.  The feet on one of the socks for Book The Third are a bit too long for the person who is going to model them.  So I’ve picked out the end, ripped back the toe and an inch or so of the foot, and now I’m going to reknit the toe.  But before I do that, I’ve got to address one small issue.  See this?

See how the yarn is all curly and springy and kinked up into little nests?  Yeah.  That’s what happens when you unravel knitting that’s been set for a while (especially if it’s gotten wet after it was knit).  Do yourself a favor.  Don’t ever knit with yarn like that.  Ever.  Your tension will be all off and you knitting will never look smooth.

Instead, skein it up (I wrapped mine around a dvd case), tie it off in several points, soak it for an hour or two, and let it hang dry.  You can do all this while it’s still attached to the knitting, no need to break the yarn.  Once it’s dry you can knit with it (I’ll likely wind these up into little balls first just so they’re easier to work with).  I do sort of love how the little nests look though.  I’m half tempted to find something to do with yarn in that state.

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