New Pattern, Ameliorate (Plus Coupon)
Published On: October 1, 2012

ameliorate: verb

-to make better or more tolerable

Every now and then, I hear from someone who says they like my designs…they just wish I put them out more frequently.  Now my first response is to be flattered.  That’s actually a lovely thing to say.

My second response is a tiny bit less charming.  As of today, I’ve got 93 designs listed over on Ravelry.  The first one came out in March of 2009.  That’s 93 designs in 44 months, or a bit over 2 a month.  That’s an average of one every other week, for more than three and a half years.  I think that’s actually a pretty respectable pace.

I think what folks are actually saying when they ask for more frequent designs is that they wish there was something to tide them over between books.  It takes a long time to put together a big book.  I’m aiming for one a year (which is actually super fast), and even that can feel slow if you’re looking for something new to knit right now.  I try and make it better by having little collections (like Rabble Rousers) and by putting individual patterns in other people’s projects (like The Sock Report), but I know it’s still not quite the same.

So when these mitts found their way onto my needles (I swear the yarn was too pretty to make it into the stash, it’s Tracks of Bison by Alisha Goes Around), I figured they might be just the perfect thing to help out anyone feeling a bit impatient.  Think of it as something to take the edge off while you wait for KCC2.

And, as a thank you for your patience, there’s a coupon included in the pattern.  All copies of this pattern bought between now and October 31 will include a coupon good for 20% off individual patterns (and don’t worry, come November 1 or so, a new version without the coupon will go out so you don’t have to stare at an expired coupon for all time).

If you think these might be the thing for you, head on over to their ravelry page for all the details!

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