Published On: October 17, 2012

I’m getting stuff sorted for Rhinebeck, and I’m facing the perpetual problem of all knitters.  Packing clothes is easy…packing knitting is hard.

This is especially true at the moment as I have precisely one pair of socks on the needles.  Not a single other thing.  And it’s the second of the pair too, and just past the gusset decreases.  That means it might (possibly) be enough knitting to get me through the drive, especially if I nap for part of it (which is always likely, I have an off switch in my butt).  That doesn’t leave me anything for the rest of the trip.  This does not bode well.

Now, there’s the wee bit of handspun I showed you the other day.  But that will need quite a bit of swatching and weighing and mathing before I’m ready to really get down to business.  None of that is best done on the road, so that project will likely have to wait till I’m back home.

There’s also every chance I’ll buy some (hah, some) yarn at Rhinebeck.  But yarn is only part of the necessary kit for starting a pattern.  I also need graph paper, pencils, a few different sizes of needles, and perhaps the odd stitch dictionary.

So the choices seem to be 1) head off without enough knitting 2) head off with all the kit I might need to start a brand new pattern (which is rather a lot) or 3) find time to start a new pattern before we go (hah!).  Each of these has the potential to end in heartbreak.  Three seems the wisest, but I’m somewhat dubious.

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