Book Yarn, Part V
Published On: October 28, 2012

Next on the list, The Plucky Knitter.

I first encountered Plucky Knitter yarns at Sock Summit.  I fell for them immediately, and I fell hard.  I may possibly have walked to the register cradling the yarn in my arms, as there was too much of it to simply hold in my hands.  Part of that purchase got turned into Whippersnappers within just a few months.  Plucky yarns can be a little tricky to get, but I assure you they’re well worth the effort!

On the right is Plucky Feet in Sticky Toffee.  This is a 4 ply, 90% merino 10% nylon mix and is pretty much everything you could ask for in a sock yarn.  It’s round enough to show off your stitches, sturdy enough to last, and soft enough to feel marvelous.  I’ve got a secret project in the works with this stuff (can’t tell you a thing about it now, but you will totally hear me making noise about it when it comes out).

On the left is Primo Worsted.  This is a 4 ply, 75% merino, 20% cashmere, 5% nylon blend in a lovely smushy worsted weight.  It’s amazingly versatile.  I, in my fat sock yarn moments, would totally make socks out of it, but it would be marvelous for accessories or garments as well.  It’s what I used for Uproar, (which is the piece of knitting that gets the most compliments ever when I wear it).

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