Published On: October 30, 2012

Hi all, you’ll have to pardon me if things are a bit scattered for a day or two.  We’re back from our trip.  We went up to Rhinebeck, and then on to Maine for a bit of a vacation.  We had planned to wind our way back slowly and arrive home Wednesday evening, but there’s a bit of a storm at the moment.  We made the executive decision that all the places we’d be seeing on our way home were likely to be a bit damp and windy, so we opted to dash home instead.  After two very long, very wet, very windy days of driving, we got in Monday afternoon.

Now I’m in that daze of trip re-entry (unpack, do the laundry, go find groceries, get the cats, get the mail, sort out the email, etc).  All of which is made more fun by the nice heavy rains and stiff winds and good chance that the power may leave us at some point (we live in an old neighborhood with lots of big lovely trees and above ground power lines…half of our town is dark already).

But all that’s just an inconvenience, not much of a safety issue, and we’ll be fine.  Over the next day or two (power permitting) I’ll be on here to update you with the trip, announce the winner of Carol’s book, show off some lovely sock pictures, and all sorts of other bloggy goodness.  Hope everyone else is safe and dry.

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