My Misspent Youth
Published On: December 5, 2012

Earlier this week, I opened the windows in my house.  Yesterday, I went to the grocery store wearing sandals.  Something has to be done.  It’s December, it’s Ohio, it should not be in the 60s.  I need to make it snow.  This is traditionally done by hanging either straw stars or paper stars in the windows.

Now, let me back up.  I’m not sure either of these things is a very traditional holiday craft in the States.  But I grew up in Germany, and making both of these was always part of the season.  The straw stars make a huge mess and are not kitten friendly, so last night I decided to go with the paper ones.

It starts with a paper cutter, the instruction book (optional, you really can just wing it) and some fancy colored translucent paper.  I’m not sure this stuff is available here.  It’s not tissue paper like you’d use for a present.  It’s more like tracing paper.  I think it may actually be what’s called glassine paper.  If you want to buy your own, the closest I’ve found seems to be the stuff called kite paper.  I’ve got a fair bit left over from years ago though, so I just dug around in the closet.

Then comes some folding.  And a bit more folding.  And one or two more folds.  It’s not hard at all, just tedious.  I suggest doing it in front of the tv.

Each individual piece looks like this (had to hold it up to a lamp as it was dark outside, sorry about that).

Then you tape them all together (this is the part I usually botch up) and hang them in your window.  When it’s light outside (which it’s not terribly here, but hopefully this gives the idea), you can see all the different layers as differing shades of the color.

I made a little orange one too.

And of course Levon had to come supervise as soon as he heard the camera.  He’s helpful like that.

Now, I just have to wait for it to start snowing.  I’ll make a few more to hurry things along, but I don’t see how this could fail to work.

What about you guys, does anyone else make these?  Does anyone else have any sure fire ways to make it snow (or stop snowing…which I’m sure I’ll be interested in come February)?

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