Easily Amused
Published On: December 6, 2012

Huh, ok, you guys like the stars.  Honestly, I’m a little surprised.  I find it ever so slightly shameful that I like them (they’re paper…folded paper…there should be fairly low amusement value here).  I’m downright shocked that you guys do.  I was expecting some folded arms and foot tapping and a little gentle prod back in the direction of the yarn.

But who am I to argue?  The first round of stars didn’t do it (no snow yet), so now I’ve added a yellow one to the mix.  It might be my favorite so far.  I’ve got one more window in my office, so I may well need to do one more star tonight…just for symmetry you understand!

If you’re really itching to try your own, there are some directions (in German, but you’re looking for the pictures anyways) online.  You can likely make a fairly simple one out of tracing paper if you just want to practice.  It won’t be quite the same, but enough to know if you like it.  There are some directions for one here, and another here, and one more here.  If you put ‘fenstersterne anleitung’ (window star instructions) into google, you’ll find more!

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