It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
Published On: December 13, 2012

Well bummer.  Remember when I said the hat obsession had returned?  And I showed you the two yarns I wanted to use?  Yes.  Well.  I seem to have fallen under the sway of Malabrigo’s lovely but occasionally sporadic colors.  Somehow the yarn that looked all blue and green and gray with hints of yellow turned out to be yellow with bits of evil thrown in.  Well no, I take it back.  The yarn itself is lovely, it just wasn’t playing well with that gray and that stitch pattern.  Not really at all.

So I did what any reasonable knitter would do and drove across town to the nearest yarn store with a good supply of Malabrigo (River Colors, for anyone in the area) and bought more yarn.  The plan had initially been to get a different skein of Rios and use it with either the existing gray or the existing blue.  Somehow I accidentally bought two skeins of Twist instead.  One in Indiecita and one in Green Gray.  I’m liking the impact of this stitch better at the larger gauge.  I’m not too far along with the new version, but this should give the idea.

Now, is it wrong that I’m seriously considering only ripping the gray hat out to the band…that’s 8 rows of beautiful twisted ribbing, and I’m pretty sure I can find a use for that in some other project if it just hangs out in the stash closet long enough.

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