Book Yarn, Part IX
Published On: December 14, 2012

And finally, Vice.

I got to know Lizzy, the brain behind Vice, on Ravelry.  She’s been helping me test my patterns for approximately forever.  She even knit both of the sample shawls for the first volume of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet (which is a lot of knitting).  When I heard she had started her own yarn line (and isn’t that every knitter’s dream), I was thrilled.  I’m so excited to have two of her lovely yarns in the next book

On the right is Chubbie in the color Lauren.  This is my kind of sock yarn.  It’s got 8 tiny plies, paired off in 4 sets of 2, which are then all twisted together.  The resulting yarn is dense and round and feels marvelous under foot.  And of course, if you’re feeling like you want to knit something other than socks (if you lie down and wait, the feeling may pass), it’s versatile enough to play nicely with all sorts of patterns.

On the left is Liquid Sliver in the color Stacy.  This proves, yet again, that my fascination with 50/50 wool silk blends is not misplaced.  And these yarns both show that my suspicion of pinky/peachy colors can be overcome if only you hand me off to a color genius and get her to spend inordinate amounts of time coming up with just the right color for me.

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