Shocking, I’m Sure
Published On: February 1, 2013

Bright and early Monday morning, I have to roll myself out the door and off to the airport (more details on that Monday).  I’ll be gone for a while, and there are a whole host of things I really should be doing right this very moment to make sure that trip goes smoothly.

But instead of doing those things, I found myself sorting out what travel knitting I’d take.  I know, brilliant use of my time, right?  Especially the part where I said ‘well, this sock is almost done, if I just finish it up that will make it much easier to pack.’  I know, even I am not quite sure of the logic of that one.  All I can say is that it seemed perfectly reasonable earlier today.

Then, upon finishing it, I whacked it on a blocker, opened my office window, clamped the blocker to my window sill, and grabbed a pic (it’s cold outside and I’m in a hurry, I’m not going out if I don’t have to).  And now, now I will show it to you.  Because apparently I have this knitting blog and it has somehow managed to become a higher priority than clean pants to take on my trip.

It’s awfully pretty if I do say so myself (the sock, not the dirty pants).  I’ll be working on its mate while I’m away.  But I won’t be going away if I don’t go wash some clothes and set a few things in order.  Now.  No, now.  No really, I’ve got to go, the to-do list is really a bit scary.


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