I’m Off
Published On: February 4, 2013

I’m headed out today for the Visionary retreat in Washington.  And I am, wonder of wonders, going out a tiny bit early and having two whole consecutive days wherein I have no book work to do (it’s all been sent off to the designer, I’m more or less done at this point save for the writing checks to the printer and waiting for shipments parts of the process) and no access to my regular computer (so I can’t do any real work on the other big looming projects I’ve got in the works).

So I’m going to, um, well, slack.  I’m going to drive around to pretty places and stare at them.  I’m going to go clambering over perilous rocks in search of shiny shells and gnarly sticks.  I’m going to sit down (hopefully at one of those pretty places) and read books.  I am going to find good restaurants and eat tasty food.  I am, in short, going to just disconnect for a bit.  Because it’s good for me (it’s likely good for you too, I recommend giving it a try if you can), and because I’ll be better at my job if I occasionally do something other than my job.

But, just because I’m off (either traveling or shamefully slacking or collaborating with a whole bunch of nifty folks who I still find just the tiniest bit intimidating) doesn’t mean you will wander in a post-less wilderness.  Oh no, because I’ve been all diligent and industrious and lined up posts for while I’m gone.  And not just any posts…posts with pics of half of the projects in The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II.  Which, admittedly, are fairly low on the post-difficulty scale (mostly just pictures really, don’t get your hopes up).  But still, I will confess, I’m rather pleased with this book and this will help satisfy that itch to show it to you.  I hope you like it too!


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