Retreat (now with actual rest)
Published On: February 20, 2013

Having spent 12 hours traveling on Monday, and having engaged in unexpectedly vigorous relaxing on Tuesday, I decided to see if I could spend Wednesday in a slightly more restful fashion.  I went into the town of Friday Harbor and passed a lovely morning perusing book stores, art galleries, second hand shops, and sampling the products of the local bakery.  I’d hoped to stop by San Juan Island Distillery, and tried calling several times, but never managed to find them when they were open.  I consoled myself by procuring a selection of their products at the local grocery store.  Then I took a bit of a scenic drive around the island (that’s my story, it’s not at all that I got horribly turned around and went the wrong way while headed back to the lodge — nope, not that at all).

This was all quite relaxing, but I really wanted to step up the laziness, so I went back to the lodge to explore napping/knitting possibilities.  My cabin mate Brenda, dedicated to helping me get on the right time zone, kindly suggested we take some pictures of one of the projects in Welsh for Rainbow instead.  She’s very helpful.  But really, shamelessly hijacking the furniture of the resort to facilitate knitwear appreciation is for the good, so I can’t object much.  I can’t show you too much (her projects, her reveal schedule), but this might give you a sense of the place.

My duty done, I settled in for some knitting, tea drinking, and yes, perhaps just a bit of a nap.  The retreat was starting the next day, and I wanted to be well-rested.  This would prove to be a foolish hope (the retreat was many things, but restful was not one of them), but I did have the best of intentions.

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