Retreat, Now With Work and Secrecy
Published On: February 21, 2013

On Thursday, the retreat proper began.  This is where it gets tricky to talk about.  We’re all there to make progress on our various projects (and to help other folks make progress on theirs).  That means things that get discussed there are often still fairly confidential.  This is understandable and hugely important (ideas need a safe space to come to fruition), but it does make for rather tricky blogging.  So, I’ll tell you what I can, but on the whole, I’m going to be maddeningly obscure.

Cat’s got plans for something grand that in no way involves socks.  Jeny is moving fabric around in a way that makes my brain hurt (in a totally good way).  JC is doing things with charts that cause the same sort of brain-hurty goodness.  Jill and Janine are both making me want to knit sweaters, and Sarah is doing an awful lot to turn me into a spinner.  Brenda is about to dramatically increase the knit-based travel to Wales, and Deb is busy proving you don’t need to be in an academic environment to do really amazing history.

And that’s just a tiny sliver of the projects I heard about.  I want to follow each and every one of these folks around going ‘hurry uuuuuuuuuup,’ but I’m not sure it would be all that useful.  I promise to tell you more about the projects as they are ready to go public.

What I can tell you about is yarn.  I (somehow, no idea how, must have been some sort of terrible head injury) walked away from the retreat with a bit of lovely fluff.  That is in no way secret, so I’ll come back tomorrow and show it all to you.

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