Shamelessly Girly
Published On: February 25, 2013

Of course, I did manage to squeeze in a bit of knitting while I was away.  I made good progress on the blue, leafy socks.  I’m about 3/4 done with the second one and should have a finished pair to show you soon.  But I wanted to see if I could squeeze a whole project into the trip, cast on to bind off.  That meant it would need to be a small project, but I managed it.

I wanted to take pictures there (seemed only appropriate, since I knit it all there), but that meant it was unblocked.  So I’ll show you this to start, but don’t fear, it gets much much better once it’s had a bit of a wash and a stretch.

The yarn is Space Cadet Creations Astrid in one of the Department of Rocket Science colorways.  I got both cuffs out of less than 100 yards of yarn (that’s less than half of 1 skein).  I’m seriously contemplating making a matching piece out of the remaining yarn.

I can’t say enough good things about cuffs in this shape.  I find they’re one of my very favorite knitted things.  The Smidgen cuffs I made a few years ago are probably the single piece of knitting I wear the most often.  The shape just suits my hands and suits my life (they don’t get in the way of typing or knitting, and you can just shove them up your wrists when you need to wash your hands).  Love on all fronts.

The only tricky thing is blocking, but I’ve got that sorted too.  I’ll show you just how to do it next time.

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