Ah, the Glamor
Published On: March 20, 2013

As mentioned before, we went out on Sunday to scout for photo locations.  We took the pink mitts along with us because it’s much easier to judge how suitable a spot is for taking photos if you actually, say, take photos.  That, and I needed photos of the pink mitts.

Now, the process of taking photos, especially photos of hands, is a tricky one.  Trying to put your hands in some position that looks natural and comfortable and reasonable in the photo usually means contorting your hands, your body, and quite possibly your very soul into the most uncomfortable and unnatural arrangements imaginable.

Let’s have a little example.  We’ll use this photo (ignore the bright spot…that makes it unsuitable for a publication photo, but it will demonstrate the point just fine).

To take this, I’m standing outside the shattered window of an abandoned greenhouse (mind the broken glass), on a steep pile of slippery snow-covered vines, leaning over as far as I can to reach inside (which means I’m sticking my butt out in what can only be a truly alarming fashion), with my head tipped back to keep my hair out of the picture, while trying to hold my hands in a way that both shows the knitting and looks somewhat plausible.  I’ve also taken my coat off (because it clashed with the mitts), but I have my hat and scarf on (because it’s freaking cold).  So it turns out my head tilting is not quite enough to keep my scarf out of the picture.  So rather than take it off like a normal person, I grab the knot in it and fling it backwards.  At this moment, I hear the shutter click, as The Boy has decided to document the moment for posterity.

Oh yeah.  Super stylin’.  So for those of you who ask why I don’t have more pictures of me on the blog?  This.  This is the answer.  Because I look like Cousin It making a variety of questionable lifestyle choices.  Got some pretty pics of the mitts though.  More details about the project they’re destined for later this week!

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